Green tomato update

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We've got Roy G, no Biv.

I’ve been ripening my green cherry tomatoes for about 2 weeks now, with mixed success. The photo above is what they look like now, as they sit on a baking sheet in my kitchen. I’ve found that rearranging them to look as much like a rainbow as possible helps with the “watched pot” factor.

Here’s what they looked like 2 weeks ago.

Picked green tomatoes

So as you can see by comparing that to the top photo, some of them have turned the desired orange, red or yellow. Actually, there were even more that ripened, but I ate them before I took the latest picture. Ahem.

However, there’s another element missing from the photos: the ones I tossed. Several got hard, discolored spots on them. I wonder if that might be due to temperature fluctuations? The tomatoes have been sitting on my kitchen counter, but they’re near an exterior door.

Or maybe those were the tomatoes that weren’t mature. I picked about everything off the vine, but after staring at them for a few weeks, I started to see which ones had the white-ish, translucent look of a mature tomato, and which didn’t. In any case, it’s fun getting a new ripe tomato every day or so. Even though the vines are long gone for the winter, I can still have a little fresh tomato treat.


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